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in history from the stevens family. i will never forget what a great experience it was to live with those two guys. moving on to his study habits, everyone knew how brilliant he was, an enlightened manner. he was truly the smartest man in the room but never comported himself that way. he was confident and outgoing. never arrogant. always self-effacing, quick with a laugh or grin. always looking for ways to learn something from everyone else around him. he was no surprise considering chris came from such good stock. chris studied western civilizations and immerses himselfs in cultures and languages and took multiple trips to study abroad in spain, italy, morocco. perhaps most importantly chris knew how to relax and enjoy the moment. when i would periodically freak out about my course work or some o ther problem i thought i had he would make me stop and take a break, play a game of back gammon on the balcony and enjoy the view. it was an early lesson in the zenlike mindfulness of chris. no wonder he exceled in such a challenging and stressful career. i don't want you to think chris was perfect.
in saluting ambassador chris stevens who will be remembered for his strong sense of dignity, his humility and his generous service to others. he will be truly missed by all who loved him and by all he served throughout the magnitude of his life's work. thank you for this honor. [applause] >>> members of christopher stevens family, ladies and gentlemen, let me first thank chris stevens' brothers and sisters for their warm and delightful insights into what he was really like. thank you so much. that was fantastic what you did for us. christopher stevens was obviously an extraordinary human being and contributor. every year at stanford we have a group of what we call national security fellows come. they were roughly army, navy, air force, state department. a couple weeks ago we had a meeting and the first person i called on was an army colonel. i said where were you last? he said in libya. i said did you know christopher stevens? he said everybody knew christopher stevens. he was our leader, fluent in arabic, constructive, positive, doing something, he was our leader. this spontaneous practi
>>> my name is chris stevens, i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. i had the honor to serve as the envoy to the libyan revolution and i was thrilled to watch the libyan people stand up and demand their rights. now i'm excited to return to libya to continue the great work we've started, building a solid partnership between the united states and libya to help you the libyan people achieve your goals. right now i'm in washington, preparing for my assignment. as i walk around the monuments and memorials commemorating the courageous men and women that made america what it is, i'm reminded we too went through challenging periods, when america was divided by a bitter civil war 150 years ago. president abraham lincoln had the vision to pull us together toward a shared goal of peace and prosperity. growing up in california i didn't know much about the arab world. then after graduating from the university of california at berkeley, i traveled to north africa as peace corps engineer. i worked as an english teacher in morocco two years and quickly grew to love this part of the world. si
christopher stevens. >> at 4:13 monday afternoon, a first check of traffic. this is a live view of downtown. it's usual slow crawl moving left to right. we'll have that for everybody heading down towards the peninsula. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 will be back in just a moment. >>> sandy danger is still very real. take a look at this rescue. it's 14 crew members from a ship saved in the atlantic, they are still looking for the ship's captain. as well as a member of the crew. the ship is a replica of the hms bounty, caught and then sank, swelled up to 18 feet. >> three people were washed overboard. they were wearing immersion suits, only one made it to the live raft. two people remaining unaccounted for we know made it off of the vessel but did not make it on to the rafts. >> the mid town manhattan a giant crane is dangling from a high rise that is under construction. the crane blew over in heavy winds. the storm rages on around us. areas below high rise have been cleared. new york officials say all cranes in the city were inspect head of the storm. but they did not anticipate this. >> m
a husband and she has a child. host: character named tommy stevens. who is he? guest: mr. tommy stevens is the heart and soul of "detropia." he's a retired school teacher. he is a black middle class man who could leave detroit but doesn't. he owns the last black-owned blues bar in detroit. on the east side of detroit it's called the raven lounge. he opens every friday and saturday nights. some people come and sometimes they don't. it was a really busy business. he's watched as industry has failed. he watched his customers go away. he's an interesting guy to look at because the proximity of the plant. just because he's an amazing street philosopher. [video clip]. >> capitalism is a great system. i love it. but, it exploits the weak. always does. unfortunately. you know, one of the sociologist i used to read back in the 1960s, said that the upper class needed the middle class to buckle the poor. that if you take the middle class away, the upper class will have problems from your lower class. you got to think about it now. only 2% of americans exceed $300,000 a year. if you wipe out the mi
ucsf from their collaboration and particularly to claudia, and steven. speaking of partnerships i would like to call your attention to one of our strongest partnership and that is the bridge to success program. and that is a partnership between the city and county of san francisco, the department of children, youth and families, san francisco unified school districts, city college, and san francisco state university. you will see available out in the foyer, some information regarding this partnership. and the goals of this partnership are actually very simple. the goal is that we want to create a strong college and career pathway that is pre-k through post secondary in our city. the brochure is available for your information and it will highlight the work and activitis that happens, including a college fair that happens every year, parties for incoming freshman and i want you to know that the last registration party that we held at three different sites enroll for the classes. for more information visit i want to want marine karo in helping us to make that a rea
: but did you. >> i think probably, yeah, i did a few films. one called-- the third secret with steven boyd and richard at enboro it was a very frightening i had to play with richard. he was doing something to me, you never quite knew what it was. all i had to say was oh no, please don't, please don't, please don't. it was cut. >> rose: oh no. you didn't say please don't well enough. they thought you were saying please, please. >> yes, didn't convey the truths. >> rose: oh no. so why do you think bond sent, since you have had this exposure to you is magical for all of us. i mean i can't way to see this but i like this kind of thrill. >> well, i think-- he's an interesting character. >> he's very essentially and he's essentially british. he's a british man, with that, which he has that word that is untranslatable in any other language, flem that stiff upper lip thing and he goes rather effortlessly, he used to, through a lot of very dangerous things doing stunts and never getting a spec on his suit, you know. drinking these drinks, having all these women, yes. and it was very elegant and sua
steven fong here who was then the chair of the board of trustees. he said, you know, we ran into some problem with the chinese hospital. and our board would like to talk to you. so i said, well, i'm at work, you know? after 5:00 i will meet you at uncles for coffee. and so i met at uncle with him and several board members, and also a physician who is not here today and i wish i had remembered to bring him out, dr. roland low. >> so they told me that the state health, you know, services have are going to shut them down and that was a friday. and by tuesday, they have to relocate all of the patients because this hospital building does not conform to the fire code of those days. and i said what? he says, our doorway is too narrow. our staircase is too narrow. and because they have sent notices to the administrator and who said he couldn't fix it, so he neglected it, but any way, the end of the story was they had five working days to move and shut the hospital. and what could be done about it? i said, shutting the hospital? and i said, who told you that? and so they gave me all of the pap
stevens, president of the academy of art university. in the 33 year history of the campus, classes have been housed in over 30 different locations. we are very happy and proud to finally have a permanent home and a beautiful modern facility to train the future generations of students. this has been a 40-year journey for the community. some of you have been with us from the start. today we join together the community, the faculty, the students, the staff, the business community and our neighbors and friends to start a new chapter in our history. we'd like to introduce john miso, president of our board of trustees. he has been with us for the last few years helping us with this project. he chairs the information committee that watches over this project, including our higher goals. >> trustee riso >> thank you. so how is everybody doing today? i thought so. you know, the opening of a new education facility is always a wonderful experience. a new facility dedicated to serving students as is city college. this particular educational facility, though, has a long history and struggle, a
stevens and pulling together. after 9/11, and --. >>chris:, wait, wait, wait, senator, it is a legitimate issue to discuss before an election when four americans were killed and there are questions of intelligence failures before and during the attack. >>guest: it is a legitimate issue but every story leads to political come tear and trying to point fingers. after 9/11 we came together. there were a lost questions to be answered. let's operate in that same spirit. remember what ambassador stevens was trying to do and stand together. the middle east is crucial. we need to be tough there but we need to be smart and engaged. this discussion has been politicized. it hasn't been helpful or helped us get to the bottom of what happened. chris there were drones flying over benghazi during the hour when first the consulate and the annex, six or eight hours, were under attack. were the drones armed? >>guest: we find out, we will find out what happened and that information, if appropriate, will be revealed. i cannot comment on what i enjoy at this point. >>chris: you agree if they were armed they co
had a chance to discuss it. we ought to be acting in the spirit of ambassador stevens and ought to be pulling together. after 9/11 -- >> wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. senator... certainly, it is a legitimate issue to discuss before an election, when four americans were killed, and there are questions of intelligence failures before and during the attack, is it not? >> it is a legitimate issue, but, every story leads to political commentary, and trying to point fingers. after 9/11, we came together, there were a lot of questions that had to be answered, let's operate in that same spirit and let's remember what ambassador stevens was riding to do and stand together. the middle east is crucial, we need to be tough there and smart and engaged. this discussion has been politicized, and it has not been helpful or helped us get to the bottom of what happened. >> chris: let me ask you a direct question. drones were flying over benghazi at the time of the attacks, during the hours when first the consulate and the annex, six or eight hours were under attacks, were the drones armed? >> we'
southerners, like davis and stevens. then he believed that the, this adamant opposition to territories had done its work with republicans, only elected one of them president. this award, and was chiefly a political matter. he said the united states was never going to read any more territory without republican conference. didn't need to put in place these four model obstacles to settlement. stewart also sought the republican victory in no small part as result of democratic invision. he judged the normal proclivities of american voters as democratic. but as you know in 1860, the democratic party divided. a known candidate and a southern candidate. that division which clearly edited republican. so would've felt, the democrats would reunite and cause republicans massive trouble and less the party could expand. seward want to reach out to the anti-secessionists and the upper importer south. seward bring these people to the republican party was not impossible, but essential. without a question, a number of them were quite willing to become republicans, coming to a party that emphasized the union
the board for everyone. the author of who is the fairest of them all, steven more common joins me to talk about joins me to talk about prosperity and everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. ♪ lou: new accusations today from vice-president joe biden hitting governor romney and republicans on taxes in a campaign event in wisconsin. >> you cannot erase what you have already done. they voted to extend tax cuts for the wealthy giving $500 trillion tax cut so 120,000 families. lou: that's a lot of money. 500 trillion. you have to love the vice-president, his view on things and, his expression. for a little perspective, the national debt is 16 trillion. we'll just leave it
the board for everyone. the author of who is the fairest of them all, steven more common ins me to talk about prosperity and i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you g there. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our counities and the environment. we're america's natural gas. ♪ lou: new accusati
stevens was in benghazi to negotiate a weapon's transfer and to get sa sevens out of the hands of extremist. the state department dismissed that idea to me it makes why he put himself in the volatile area on the lenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> not only put that position and visit to be low key and it was not well known he was in benghazi because there would have been more of a security presence there. was there insider information that leaked that the ambassador was in benghazi? based on ongoing reporting on fox. september 6th. a libyan vessel arrive indeed turkey with a large shipment of shoulder fire missiles. five days later, the u.s. ambassador is in benghazi and meeting with the turkish diplomat in benghazi. why did they want to keep the visit low key when they knew repeatedly from the people on the ground that security was the achilles heel? i don't know. it will unfold and one of the issues that come to the surface is the movement of the weapons. >> katherine, you have done stellar reporting on this and i appreciate your uncovering details. >> i think it is imp
water and wind. tomorrow look at our impressive rain totals. you go from stevens ville to the eastern shore east and closing in on 2 inches of rain so the lion share of the rain has been toward the east of the city at this point but these rain bands will be pivoting in. also the winds will pick up in a big way. you go up toward westminster and 3 to 5 miles per hour. so it will come in with a big during the course of the overnight. winds gusting 33 to 35 miles per hour. >> we'll see how long we can keep this. 12 to 15-mile-an-hour winds. >> through the course of the overnight, spotty showers turning into steady rain showers and everything fills in across the state during tomorrow morning. we're pinpointing the idea that the heaviest of the weather will come in, the rain and wind as we head into monday afternoon, lingering into monday night. look at our impressive rain totals. this is our future cast, in- house adonis model giving us an idea of the heavy rine by 6:00. closing in on 6 to 8 inches of rain. into tuesday, this is what the one model is projected. 8 to 10 inches of rain scho
much for your time tonight. >>> joining me now is dr. phil lip orton, from the stevens institute of technology. dr. or tcton, how big of an imp is this storm going to have over the next few hours as the storm makes landfall? >> the biggest krn is the central part of new injuries see. there is flooding all over the place. new york city is going to have pretty bad flooding and really now since it took more of a turn sitting to the south of new jersey, they are getting hammered. >> we heard from 9 to 11 foot storm surges from hurricane sandy. what exactly does that mean? >> the storm surge is a slow sea level rise over the past 24 hours it's been coming in. the tide comes in every 12 hours. we had one of those on top of a little bit of storm surge this morning and now we've got about 6 1/2 feet of storm surge in new york harbor, even more along the jersey coast and we're getting another one of those high tides. so that's -- the two together are what determines the total water level that people have at their feet. >> where are we going to see the biggest impact of this storm and what
. defense highway, which is route 450 at stevens church road. that's the crossen area. the road is closed. one more for you. near the border of prince george's county, closed because of standing water. so though we do not have flooding in downtown annapolis, there's because of the heavy rains water on the roads. do not try to go through it if possible. if you need a shelter, it's annapolis high school. and we are told it is a pet- friendly shelter thanks to the help of some volunteers. that's the latest from downtown annapolis. >> hey, john, i saw a car there driving down city dock, and hopefully you can hear me. and i'm just wondering on a rainy night, and we're right now facing a category one, almost two hurricane coming to shore north of us. are you getting a sense it's because of the winds and the way the winds are blowing that's keeping the water. >> reporter: i don't know. these people are coming down to look. they were getting out of their cars and looking around. now the rain is so cold and so stinging, almost everyone is staying in their cars. as you can see at the end of the do
, we got steven's hardware on the end there, you can see the lights on. and there's been a few people coming in and out, and of course they're ready to help people any way they can with any supplies that they might need. then really probably the other critical place that's been the most busy is starbucks. which we just happen to be right across the street from. i don't know how that happens. anyway, there's been lots of people going in and out there and asking them, they're like listen, no matter what mother nature brings our way, we need our coffee. they've been going in there, sharing their stories about how they're going to ride out the storm, and talking about, you know, last summer, last august when we were dealing with hurricane irene, how they their that and what they're doing differently this time and really, for the most part, there is not a lot of panic here in annapolis where we are. people are like it's coming, we're ready, we'll deal with the rest then. that's the latest here from annapolis, we don't have much more. we'll leave you with that wonderful shot with the little
live the life of a coward. >> brian: the administration said listen to the family of ambassador stevens when they say don't politicalize. if you care about the stevens' family shouldn't you care about the woods. >> his son defied stand down order say i am run toth sound of the guns. that's what seals are taught to do. not stand idly by. any american under attack we would want to say this is our ambassador and clear attack and 9/11. he's told to stand down. a navy seal who said forget i will drive ahead. it is a tand down foreign policy where it is appease we don't want terously feathers and we have dead americans. >> brian: your contact list is full of people who serve. what is the reaction? >> why didn't we use the assets availablitous. spector gun ships stationed 400 miles away in italy that could provide help. and operators on the roof and using lazers to identify where the mortar teem and drones watching the entire thing to develop. technology was there to cut through the war and act. it is pier one operators who could have dealt with complex situation. go after the mortar teem and
yourself. >> steven hank, and i have no affiliation, i'm just retired. come to cato events all the time. i have a question considered outside the box. everything you're all saying sort of assumes that there should be cry criteria of some e administered by the university whether it's academic achievement, and i'd like to throw out to you why the idea that every other service provided in society is divvied up by price, and therefore when the people who most need it, who most need it determine they are willing to pay the price for the best education, and, in fact, a lot of times you have really brilliant people who have no need to go to university, and they are going to get very little out of things, and it may be the weakest student that may get the best, the most out of the education. my question to you is why is this ab sent any discussion what i just said of affirmative action or of education? it's pretty clear that the customers in the situation are really not customers. they are beneficiaries more than they are customers. >> okay. probably that should be directed to alan, the only remai
on everything. federal agents offered lawmakers just after the death of ambassador stevens and three other americans. we will update you on that coming up next jon: i am jon scott. awaiting hurricane sandy's arrival in new york harbor at battery park. 50 million people expected to be impacted by the storm. here is a microcosm of it. take a look at these chairs and tables. if this were a nice october afternoon, they would be serving lunch here at the restaurant here in battery park. the proprietor is with us. he has been good enough to share his facilities with us so we can bring you these pictures. but paul, this has to be a huge disappointment to you. you are losing a lot of money today. >> absolutely. you can't fight mother nature. everyone is losing money. sales tax and others. we just have to cope with it. >> you can't fault the city for ordering the evacuation. tourists would be eating lunch on a day like today. you can't fault the city for ordering the evacuation. >> absolutely not. [talking over each other] jon: you had a nervous look on her face when we got here this morning. >> th
there. they dragged themselves back into this game. this was the equalizer. steven a. smith, 2-2. both teams had chances to win it in the second half. i have to say, watching this game is so emotional from a liverpool potential, it's like eating popeye's. luis suarez thought he won it in the final seconds. it was incorrectly called off-sides. the only winner on this day was karma. >> incorrectly called? >> yeah, he was actually not off-sides. this gentleman, is such a loathsome twit that even the referees line up against him. >> he does look like anne hathaway. >> he has far more than the regulation number of teeth. another big game this weekend, chelsea versus manchester united. it was a bare-knuckle fight between those two heavyweights that you both know so well. willie. >> yes. >> manchester united took a 2-0 lead in this one thanks to their dutch-scorie ining maestro, robn persie. a goal even barnicle could love for the twinkle toes of happy feet juan mata. look at this one, talented little spaniard. corner. >> wow! >> they dragged themselves back into the game. games like this, th
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)